Mother's Day fun!

Mother’s Day is almost here! Most families go to a nice brunch, relax and stay indoors. But why not find a little fun outside on the Mother’s most celebrated day? Here are some fun, local things you can do to celebrate mom and enjoy the outdoors.

  1. Parks and botanical garden

Whether it’s a walk or playing on the swings at a local park, or a stroll in the beautiful flowers in the local botanical gardens, you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

  1. Picnic

Nothing says “I love you mom” more than waking up, making and packing lunch and heading out to a sunny patch of grass for a picnic. Finger sandwiches, cookies and refreshing lemonade is a perfect mother’s day treat.

  1. Yoga

Staying fit and relaxing are two treats a mother rarely has luxury for. Yoga is a perfect opportunity for mom’s to center themselves and release the stress of daily life.

  1. Biking

Either up the sides of a mountain trail or just down to a local restaurant for brunch, biking is a perfect way to get fresh air and a rush of endorphins.

  1. Zoo or aquarium

Who doesn’t love cute animals? The zoo is a perfect place to see the baby animals play with their moms! And if it’s too hot, head to the aquarium, where you can enjoy the colors of the tropical fish.

  1. Hike

Fresh air, beautiful sights, and the whole family together- hiking is a great way to find your outdoors.

  1. Fishing

Fishing isn’t all a man’s sport! Moms enjoy fishing too. The peaceful sound of the river or lake is relaxing, and every once in a while, a spark of excitement from catching a fish on a hook!

  1. Volunteering at a local organization

Helping rescued kittens and puppies is not only cute, but it’s a feel good experience that mother’s will be proud to be a part of. Even cleaning a local park can be a rewarding experience that makes a mother’s day complete.

What outdoors do you want to enjoy on Mother’s Day?