Enjoy and protect mother nature

May is almost over and school's almost out! Now is the time to have fun in the sun and party!

You can enjoy your outdoors and also protect the environment.

For those of you in California, water is becoming a huge issue. Instead of turning on your sprinklers and running around, or even washing your car, go for a hike or drive to the beach! Conserving water is important to protecting the environment. Enjoy activities away from the water (even in the heat!) and have fun. 

On a hike and see trash? Bring a trash bag with you and pick up after that litterbug! Even the smallest piece of plastic can be harmful to animals and plants. And if you go camping, remember to properly dispose of all your trash, properly extinguish your fires and clear the campground of any hazardous materials. Even at the beach, soda cans kill hundreds of thousands of ocean life a year! It’s up to all of us to protect the environment and the creatures living in it.  

So find YOUR outdoors and protect mother nature!