4th of July Fun!


The official summer kick-off has begun, 4th of July weekend is here! This special weekend is a time to come together with family, grill, play outside and enjoy the outdoors!

Here are some fun things you can do this 4th of July!

  1. Grill

What’s more classic that getting together with the family on Independence Day? Whether it’s grilling burgers, ribs or hot dogs, you can’t go wrong with warm food!

  1. Hiking

Hiking on the local trail is always fun. But be careful! It can be hot enough to bake an egg, so don’t forget water!

  1. Swimming

Swimming at the waterhole or in the pool in the back, staying cool is always a treat on Independence Day! Just make sure you wait long enough after you eat!

  1. Boating or Kayaking

Wakeboarding and inner tubing is a perfect way to cool off from the Summer heat and get wet! You can either rent a boat or relax on a lazy kayaking trip.

  1. Going to the park

Enjoying the outdoors with the family is a tradition that’s slowly disappearing from American culture. Grab the kids and take them out to the park, to run outside and play on the swings!

  1. Fireworks!

Who could forget fireworks? This long American tradition of celebrating our independence by setting off fireworks is a constant favorite of adults and children alike. You can either set off your own (safely, of course!) or watching them from afar!

What exciting plans do you have this weekend? Let us know!