Pre-School Adventures


School is almost here and Summer is finally coming to an end. It's time for all the little ones to go back to school. But before the kids go back, why not go on a quick vacation or weekend trip outdoors or even in your backyard?

Here are some ideas for a fun family weekend getaway:

1. Camping in the back yard

Who doesn't love pitching a tent in the backyard and camping? Nothing is funner than s'mores in the backyard!

2. Beach trip

For those are lucky enough to be close to the beach, a last minute adventure to the beach (or even a creek or river) can be a great way to stay cool and have fun in the sun! 

3. Mini-Golfing

Fun for the entire family! Mini-Golfing is a sport that everyone can get involved in and have a great time!

4. Go-Cart racing

Nothing is more thrilling than racing down the track and beating dad! Go-Cart racing is great for young ones not just ready for NASCAR.

5. Fishing

Relaxing and catching dinner is a great way to end the summer days, even if you don't catch anything. This sport is fun for dad and the kids.

6. Kayaking 

Kayaking in the ocean, lake or even down a river can be quite the adventure! With different levels of difficulty, you can enjoy the outdoors at your pace.

What are YOUR weekend plans?