End of 2016

Now that we are near the end of 2016, this year has gone by so fast. According to USA TODAY's year in review, so much has happened within the international news, pop culture, music trends, media, politics, etc. and most of us have kept up to date by following along via various social media platforms rather than just the television broadcasts.

Within the company of White Sierra, this summer the ecommerce site celebrated a year of being open and about that time we opened the White Sierra Outlet Store at our Sunnyvale, California headquarters. With that, the brand of White Sierra has become more known with all of you followers from our social media followers and we thank you all!

We have shared a variety of holiday gift ideas over the past week to purchase for loved ones but also a wonderful idea when you don't quite know what to get for others is a gift card. You can purchase White Sierra gift cards here! Below are a few outfit ideas to celebrate the first day of Winter in style!