Family Heritage

White Sierra

Family Owned and Operated Since 1979



White Sierra is a company born from hard work, passion, and an American Dream.

Owner, Paul Tsui was born to a middle class family in a rural countryside village, just outside of Beijing. When he came of age, he journeyed alone to Beijing to enroll into a prestigious junior high school. Financially supported by his family, Paul was comfortable and safe, alone in a large city. 

While enjoying his new found freedom, Paul's hometown fell to the Chinese communist rule shortly after his move, cutting off all communication and financial support with his family. Without any communication from his parents or relatives, Paul was forced to find ways to survive while continuing his education. At that time, he chose to enlist in the military as a way to support himself and his studies. 

At age 17, Paul fled with the Taiwanese military from his homeland in China to Taiwan. He first entered the Taiwan Naval Academy in 1951 and graduated in 1955. During his time at the Taiwan Naval Academy, learning English was essential and Paul became fluent. It was then when he met his wife, Grace, a civilian working for the military. They fell in love and have been married ever since.

After Paul separated from the military in 1970, he began to sow the seeds to create his own business. He started his career working at an exporting and trading company that imported and exported clothing, natural rubber, and consumer goods. His two sons, Larry and Alex, were born while he was working at this trading company. 

In his world travels, Paul saw the opportunity to start a new life in the US. With his knowledge of clothing manufacturing, fluent English skills and contacts within the industry, he felt that it was a perfect opportunity to follow his American Dream. In 1979, the Tsui family sold all of their possessions and moved to the Bay Area, to a culture and country that none of them understood. With Paul as the only one who understood English, the Tsui family moved to the United States with all their belongings.

The first office that the family rented was a small 200 sq ft room that included their complete inventory and desk space. With Paul in charge of production and management, and Grace in charge of accounting, they set out to establish their company. After attending a variety of national trade shows, Paul found his first clients and began production on private label running shorts and tracksuits.

After the success of their private label brand, the Tsui family launched their own brand in 1984; White Sierra; named after the beautiful mountains close to Lake Tahoe. The first line of clothing was ski and snow wear and later that year, their sons, Larry and Alex joined the company. In the early 1990’s, the American ideal of outdoor activities began to evolve to include family oriented activities. Paul saw the need to extend the line and added Spring and Summer product, to include outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and family events. In 2000, White Sierra launched their outdoor youth line.

The company currently resides in Fremont, California, with Paul and Grace still at the helm. White Sierra is born from passion, hard work and perseverance. For almost 40 years, White Sierra has been proud to offer the highest quality product to our customers.